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Entrepreneurial Journal: Last Lecture

Entrepreneurial Journal: Last Exercise

This course has been fantastic! I have learned so many skills and truths, that my life is much better today. I do not want it to finish, but the best way to keep these teaching alive is applying them in my life.

In this course, I learned to identify what I really want and what is my calling in life. I loved thinking and discovering what my dreams are, and what makes me happy. Making my bucket list helped me to identify those goals and what stepping stones will give me a hand to reach my star. I also learned about honesty business ethic; inspiring readings and videos taught me about habits and behaviors that affect my ethical decisions. I loved being introduced to the concept of “Mastery”; the book “Mastery” showed me how the process of mastery can help me attain a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in my daily life. I loved this book; it made and impact in my life, and I was able to make significant changes in my life.

We all have the capability to become entrepreneurs. We were all born to create. That was an inspiring teaching for me. The role that self-mastery plays in your life will make the difference. Successful people get up early and work hard; another excellent teaching. As I started getting up early and working hard, I was successful in this class. I gained organizing skills. I learned how to identify important things and planning my days according to what was urgent and important to do.

One more great teaching was Obstacle. Many people abandon their journey because of setbacks, disappointments, or detours. Well, this is part of the game and here is where entrepreneurs learn the most about his or her identity and convictions. I think the obstacle is the way to find a better way. Now, I’m not afraid of failures. Failures are opportunities to do things better.

I do not have my own business; I know I will start my own business one day. I do not have to wait to have a company to apply all these teaching in my life. I already use them in my family. My family is my great company, and I run it with a great partner; my husband. Today, I am an entrepreneur mom, with so many skills that will her family produce good fruit. I am more than happy with all knowledge I gained in this course. I printed all readings and put them in a binder. Why? Because I do not want to forget. I always want re-read and remember all great teachings this class has taught me.

Entrepreneurial Journal – Week 10

This week I loved reading the talk, The Challenge to Become. From the talk, we read, “We qualify for eternal life through a process of conversion.  As used here, this word of many meanings signifies not just a convincing but a profound change of nature. This paragraph is very profound. How hard is to change our own nature? To me, it means to change our lifestyle for a better lifestyle, which could be tough because it requires desire and time. To become a disciple of Jesus Christ, for example, means to develop Christlike attributes and here comes the part when we forget about ourselves and start working and serving. This week I’ve been struggling with the natural woman I have inside of me, and it was harder to be humble and serve others.  Is something wrong with that? There are times when I feel weak and need support, I feel so weak that I’m not able to help others. I think we have those times in our lives to be humble and seek God’s inspiration. In the same talk I mentioned before, we read, “Our needed conversions are often achieved more readily by suffering and adversity than by comfort and tranquility”

I also enjoyed the video Dream Big.  Taylor Richards says, “Do not underestimate yourself. Pursue your goals and dreams. Involve God in your dreams”. I really struggle with this issue. My nature says all are better than me, and I hate that. Here is when conversion process become an important part of my life. With all that I’m learning my prayers are longer every day because I have so much to change. I’m grateful for my wickedness because they help me to get closer to my Heavenly Father. As every week, I’m so happy for all the teachings and knowledge included in this class.

Entrepreneurial Journal – week 11

  • What is your attitude toward money?

I think money is necessary for our needs and gives us more opportunity to serve and help others. I agree with Elder Gibson when he says that “Money can make good men better, but on the other hand it usually makes bad men worse.” When I think of having a lot of money, I think I would use it to bless my family, like my parents. I would love them to live well without any lack of money for their medicine, food, clothes, vacation, etc. I agree with elder Gibson’s wife that money brings a sense of happiness. I mean, we do not need to be rich to be happy, but we can do so much good with money, and that feeling brings happiness.

  • How can your view of money affect the way you live?

We live a modest life. We have decided we want to spend our money traveling with our kids than leaving in a prestigious neighbor. We’ve been blessed with good jobs so far so we will be able to save money and travel to many countries. We do use a credit card, but we always pay everything each month. The reason we use a credit card is that we needed to create our credit record. When we arrive in The United States, we did not have access even to hired a plan for our phones because we did not have a credit history.

  • What rules are recommended for prospering?
Seek the Lord and have hope in him. Heavenly Father wants to bless us and wants us to be happy. As we make good and wise decisions and as we follow the words of the prophets we will qualify to receive personal revelation, and God will guide our lives.
Keep the commandments that include. Tithing is not about money; it is about faith. I have a testimony that paying our tithing and giving generous fast offering we will be able to receive the blessing from Heaven and help others as well.
Think about money and plan how you can become self-reliant.
Do not be ignorant. Seek for knowledge. Education is essential for our eternal progress.
Learn the laws upon which the blessings of wealth are predicated.
Help those in need; those who has not been as blessed as we have.

Entrepeneurial Journal – Week 12

I loved the readings and videos this week. What’s a Business For reading was harder than the others because of new vocabulary,  I would love to have my own Company, and now I really want to work for that. I loved reading about Muhammad Yunus and how he found a niche in helping others. I would love to start a business toward a poverty-free world. Yunus says, “Today we would live in a different kind of world if economics had started out with the premise that all human beings are potential entrepreneurs, which they are.  Al that an individual need is an opportunity. With this premise in place, the world would pay attention to creating those opportunities because textbooks would have required them.” I pray to heavenly father to guide my life so I can associate with the right people and find the niche where I can develop all my talents. In the meantime, I will continue fasting to help those in need. Elder Holland says, “I bear witness of the miracles, both spiritual and temporal, that come to those who live the law of the fast. Cherish that sacred privilege at least monthly, and be as generous as circumstances permit in your fast offering and other humanitarian, educational, and missionary contributions. I promise that God will be generous to you, and those who find relief at your hand will call your name blessed forever” I loved that!

Based on what you read in the first two pages (pages 3 and 4), why are virtue and integrity so vital to an economy?

Integrity and virtue are essential characteristics of business people. Overambitious always lead corporation and top executives to run companies for their own financial benefit and not for the benefit of the customer, employees, or even for their shareholders.

According to Charles Handy, what is the “real justification” for the existence of businesses?

The real justification for a for the existence of businesses is not to make a profit, full stop. It is to make a profit so that the business can do something more or better. Owners know this. Investors needn’t care.

What are two solutions proposed by Handy that you agree with? Why?

I like when Charles Handy says that we should, as charitable organization do, measure success in terms of outcomes for others as well as for ourselves. As we build our business thinking in benefit others making the good things of life available and affordable to ever more people.

You can make money by serving the poor as well as the rich. Companies like Unilever and Citicorp are beginning to adapt their technologies to enter this market. I think I want to build a business that serves the poor. In Chile, a group of students of the University of Chile created a business consisting in that poor people can buy food like rice, bean, flower, sugar, etc. at a very low cost in a system like vending machines. They put those machines in poor neighborhoods and it was very successful.


Entrepreneurial Journal – Week 13

This week I feel optimistic! I feel I can do this! President Monson’ talk, An Attitude of Gratitude” touched my heart and made me feel grateful for all the blessing I have; even the opportunity to learn every day and being a good student. I’m thankful for being an on-line student at BYU-I, and I recognize all the effort other people has done for me to be able to study. I cannot be a mediocre student because God has given me the blessing of coming back to college and at a low cost. I’m more than happy with the tools I’m getting, so one day, maybe shortly, I will be able to start my new venture. Reading about other entrepreneur’s experiences opens my mind and gives me optimism. This week I learned it is good to work for a company before launching my own; experience is required. I learned entrepreneurs must have education, professional experience, and networks that help them spot the kernel of a good idea in emerging trends. I loved reading about Leo Fernandez, Robin Chase and Antje Danielson, and Evan Williams. It was interesting reading about their differences and the similitudes when deciding to start their own businesses. Jeff Timmons called good ideas a “tool in the hands of an entrepreneur.” From the excerpt, Sources of New Venture Ideas, we read, “Indeed, finding good ideas is the first step in the entrepreneurial process. Successful entrepreneurs are able to recognize patterns before an opportunity takes shape. They search for ideas at the intersection of markets, industries, and emerging technologies.  They seek disruptors that will “unfreeze” a stable industry and look for business models that worked well in one market and can be adapted and applied in another. They recognize that they must listen to customers but sometimes need to educate the marketplace about new approaches. They learn to identify ideas by looking up from day-to-day activities and expanding their vision.  They then set priorities and narrow the ideas they generate into a potential opportunity that addresses a compelling problem for customers that are able-and willing-to pay.”

I love all I’m learning. I created “My Entrepreneurial Binder; I have printed all the readings from this course; even the study cases because I will need to read them again someday.  I’m grateful for this course and for all entrepreneurs that are able to share their experiences.

Entrepreneurial Journal – week 9

Entrepreneurial Journal – Week 9

This week, readings and videos were great! I learned so much, and I feel motivated to become a better leader. I was pondering how can I start applying all this information right now, even when it is just my second semester in college and I do not have any business yet. While reading, A Message to Garcia, I decided I can start practicing the ability to execute in my daily life. I wrote this in the reading, “Apply this to visiting teaching, counselor in R.S, as a mom, and as a wife.” I do not need to have a company or work for a company to develop all I’m learning. I can become a better leader in my family, I can take my family and my calling from good to great, right? I have all the tools I need; this is my oil so far, and my life is doing better now. I get up early, and I work hard to achieve my goals every week. I think the more I practice what I’m learning, the more prepared I will be when graduation comes. I love all I’m learning, and I love how BYU-I has become a real DPC (disciple preparation center) for me, even though I’m not an on-campus student. BYU-I is really a temple of learning to me, and I’m committed to continuing learning and growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I loved this paragraph, “In both the House of the Lord and in a temple of learning, as a result of what we experience and what we learn and what we feel, we then strive to heed a higher standard.” This is what I’m going through in my life right now. I’m so grateful for being brave and for making the decision to come back to college and continue learning every day.


Entrepreneurial Journal – Week 8

Entrepreneurial Journal – week 8

This week I’ve been very sick. The cold started last Saturday. I could not even make it to church last Sunday. I thought on Monday I was going to feel better, but it got worse. Tuesday and Wednesday were even worse! The week before, I was doing so well, getting up very early, exercising and following everything as planned. I was feeling so sick that I could not even read any assignment. Anyway, Thursday morning, and after a priesthood health blessing my husband gave me on Wednesday night, I could come back to my routine. The readings and the videos were just what I needed this week. Sometimes things happen in our lives, and those things do not let us continue as planned. From the videos, I wrote down the following sentences:  come up with solutions, Like Nephi, push ahead, keep moving, never quit, involve God in all you do, do not underestimate yourself and the Lord, with the lord you can do amazing things, you’ll see Him provide ways, and trust God and believe in good things to come. Aren’t these inspiring phrases! I loved them, and they give me hope. I must say I want to quit sometimes, but I will keep trying week after week. There are days when I feel like Elder Holland says in the reading However Long and Hard the Road, “this task is too hard. The burden is too heavy. The path is too long”; especially for me that I’m my 40s. But, I will follow his advice. He says, “but in life’s most crucial and telling tasks, my plea is to stick with it, to persevere, to hang in and hang on, and to reap your reward.” I will keep working hard and doing my best in all my papers as a daughter of God; as a wife, mother, counselor in the RS, and as a student. I finish with one more statement from Elder Holland, he states, “nothing very valuable can come without significant sacrifice and effort and patience on our part” I agree with that statement. I know God is with me in this journey. I know He lives; He is my support and my strength, even when I’m sick and I do not feel well.